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11 June 2007 @ 12:00 am

Hello everyone, I'm Lucy, I'm a great fan of Johnny's Entertainment and my first favourite band was Hey!Say!JUMP. I started supporting them since a long time ago. It was back when Yamada Ryosuke was acting as Ryu in Tantei Gakuen Q, back then I thought he was rather a good actor and after a while his PV Hey!Say! came on tv and I realize he was a singer too. I started researching about him and came to find out about Hey!Say!7 and Johnny's Entertainment. I was a fan from that time onwards. At first I only supported Yamada Ryosuke, but then I find Chinen Yuri to be cute and possessed some amazing acrobatic skills. After Scrap Teacher and Sensai was Erai, I started to like Daiki Arioka and Nakajima Yuto. Watching many other dramas and makings showly made me warm up to the other members as well, but it was only after watching Ya-ya-yah that I came to support Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru.

Through Ya-ya-yah I knew Yamashita Shoon and Ayukawa Taiyou. It is a pity they left JE though, but I still follow Yamashita Shoon and his brother Yamashita Reon's blog "Flying Sheep's Cafe". I also started watching Shounen Club episodes, which means I am now into alot more bands and juniors of JE. After Risou no Musuko, I started supporting Fugigaya Taisuke and after watching Ikemen Desu Ne I find Tamamori Yuto to be good looking too. Now I also enjoy listening to Kis-My-Ft2.

After watching shounen club and listening to News' Summer Time I came to know that Tegoshi Yuya, the "Hate losing" guy I knew from ya-ya-yah, was in this group, I started listening more NEWS song and when I had a few downs in my life around the same time NEWS became 4, their song "Full Swing" was the one that motivated me and eventually I fell deeply into news fandom. During that time I also listened to Arashi, I knew of them since Sakara Sake but didn't really follow them as much as I do now. It was only after I watched popcorn concert that I found them interesting.

Although I been listening to many of the juniors because of shokura, only this year(2015) I came to be a fan of Jwest, even though I have heard all their songs, I really only got interested when I was talking about them to a friend of mine. Shortly after that I started introducing that same friend to A.B.C-Z. I know of them since Walking on Cloud but never really root for them before and now I have completely fallen for them xD

So now my top fav JE groups (and fav member) is:

1. NEWS (Tegoshi Yuya)
2. A.B.C-Z (Hashimoto Ryosuke)
3. Johnny's West (Kotaki Nozomu)
4. Arashi (Aiba Masaki)
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13 December 2016 @ 08:12 pm
So I got a set of useful cheat sheets for Japanese and though I would share it.

Click for the file
31 December 2015 @ 02:23 am

Went to the Takizawa Kabuki in Singapore. My first time going to one.
It was an amazing experience, been following Tackey ever since he sung for Inuyasha's theme.
To see him in person was so awesome, the way he appeared under the sakura tree so such a beautiful scene!
ABC-Z's Kawai Fumito and Kisumai's Kitayama Hiromitsu and all the Jr i recognized from Shounen Club were there.

My seat was in the 2nd floor first row almost to the middle so I got to see everything without anyone blocking.
When the coins and snow rain down, it looked so beautiful.

The taiko drum part was enchantingly beautiful.
The mask changing performance was amazing too!
Hiromitsu writing with the big brush while Fumito sing and Tackey did his make up was something that stuck to my head.

The last story about the tragic hero nearly brought tears to my eyes.
I was surprised they sang Rasa Sayang and finally they sang my favourite song: With Love,
seeing that performed live in front of me was do amazing!
I don't mind going for another of his Kabuki again <3

After the show I noticed the lady sitting on my left is a japanese who came alone.
Picking up my courage I decided to make small talk with her in Japanese (after saying the line a few times in my head).
After a while the girl on my left asked me if I wanted to go collect the coins that fell during the nezumi-kozo scene.

While waiting in line to buy the goods (Dvd and pamphlet),
the Japanese lady who sat beside me during the show came up to me
She handed me a paper coin that fell with the words "Takizawa Kabuki" on it!
I was so shocked she took her trouble to find me and give it to me when we only talked like 5mins.
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31 December 2015 @ 02:09 am

Really enjoyed this show~
Love the interaction with Arashi and HSJ.
Hope to go again next year ^^
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31 December 2015 @ 12:36 am
A lot of people may wonder why my journal is from 2007 but I barely have any entries here. I'm not the type to write journals or diary so I really have no idea what to type here. The only reason there are any entries at all is for the requirements to enter LJ communities for my fandoms. Lately the amount needed to enter is increasing and now I have a problem thinking of what to write.

Also I don't think anyone will be reading my journal anyway.....
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17 December 2015 @ 09:50 am
So I was watching 16th Dec 2015's FNS and when NEWS perform this song, I recorded it and then listened to it many times. The lyric was so beatiful that I took the time to find out the kanji that I couldn't read. Then after that I sort of ended up translating the whole thing. It would be such a waste to keep it to myself so I decided to post here. Share if you want but please credit.





何度も 何度も 僕らは歌うよ

今夜も 今夜も 夜明けははじめる


Hirogeta tsukai sute no kasa jya
Shinogenai kanashimi dare to wakatsu
Yuuki ba mo nai namida wo mata
Kokoro ni shimatta

Kotae no mienai jimon jidou
Kurikaeshi sore demo asu wo sagasu
Ano mirai wa mirai no mama
Boku wa boku no mama

Daiji na mono mamoritai dake
Nanoni naze kizutsuketeshimau~n darou
Ano egao ni deaeru youni
Yami no saki e arukidashiteikou


Nandomo nandomo bokura wa utau yo
Isshou ichido no kiseki nigirishime
Tayorinai yoru ni hitotsu no hikari wo
Tomose tara iinoni na
Konya mo konya mo yoake wa hajimaru
Kororo tsunaite negau asu ga aru
Kagiri nai yume wo bokura wa shinjiyou
Kibou ga todokimasu youni
Namida wo sotto nugutte shimau youna


An opened used and thrown away umbrella,
Who will separate a sorrow that is unbearable
The tears that again has no place to go,
Is trapped in the heart.

Questioning ourself without getting an answer,
Repeating it, but still searching for a tomorrow.
The future is still the future
I am still myself.

Why do we end up hurting,
Just to protect something important.
Let's walk pass the darkness,
To meet that smile.

That's why,

No matter how many times, we'll sing
To grasp tightly that once in a lifetime miracle.
On an unreliable night,
Isn't it better to turn on a light?

Tonight, tonight, dawn is starting.
Connect the hearts, there is a desired tomorrow.

Let's believe in a dream with no limits,
For our hopes to get through
Let's wipe those tears gently away.
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